Welcome to Jumping Fitness - The Ultimate Group Workout

Jumping Fitness offers an exhilarating group workout that combines dynamic exercises with motivating music. With a mix of fast and slow jumps, balance work, and strength training, our sessions provide a fun and effective way to improve your fitness and overall health. Emphasizing cardio training, Jumping Fitness enhances your endurance, coordination, strengthens deep muscles, and accelerates fat burning. Each session engages all muscle groups, allowing you to burn up to 1000 calories, surpassing traditional jogging. Furthermore, it protects your back and joints, shapes and strengthens your body without causing muscle soreness. In addition to the physical benefits, Jumping Fitness also provides mental advantages. Playing with gravity reduces stress and stimulates the release of endorphins, leaving you feeling energetic and positive after each workout.

Our trampolines, designed in collaboration with Bellicon®, a leading trampoline manufacturer, meet the highest quality standards and promote fair labor practices in Germany. The hexagonal design provides ample jumping space, an adjustable 'handlebar' ensures stability, and a new suspension system simplifies the changing of elastics. Lightweight and compact, available in four colors for professional use. In the interest of suitable attire for intensive training, Jumping Fitness Netherlands has introduced a sportswear collection in trendy colors with functional fabrics for unrestricted movement.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, Jumping Fitness allows you to adjust the intensity of the exercises. Master the basic steps quickly for early success, even as a beginner. Join our Jumping Fitness community where enjoyable workouts and effective training go hand in hand. Elevate your physical and mental well-being to new heights!

The Beginning of Jump4Joy

Behind Jump4joy lies the inspiring story of the Founder & Creative Director, Karem – an enthusiastic Mexican entrepreneur and dedicated mother. Karem's journey began with a desire to share her love for sports and a healthy lifestyle. This aspiration led her to the idea of creating a place where people could experience this enthusiasm. She wondered what her life would look like if she left her office job behind and spent more time on her passions. It was an exciting step, but she consciously chose what made her happy. And so, her journey to a life full of energy began. With her experience as an entrepreneur, expat, and mother, Karem decided to share these experiences online. She aims to encourage people to be themselves, have self-confidence, and make the most out of life. The mission of Jump4joy is to inspire people. We want to show that you can follow your dreams and make positive changes. Join us and discover how to embrace joy and pave your own path.

Karem Verkade

Proud mother of two, born in Mexico, known for her highly infectious positive energy during her classes. With an emphasis on fun, her workouts make sweating enjoyable!

Owner & Creative Director of Jump4joy NL.

Dutch National Jumping Fitness Master Trainer.

Maria Cano

Meet Maria, originally from Spain. Maria has been passionate about jumping from day one. Get ready to enjoy her class with a smile as she delivers an exciting workout with the brightest smile you've ever seen.

Mandy geluk

This is Mandy. Her goal is to create an environment where people come to class with so much joy that they don't even realize they're exercising, and leave with a sense of satisfaction. She looks forward to seeing you soon!

Dutch National Jumping Fitness Master Trainer

Regina Thie

Meet Regina, an enthusiastic fitness lover. Jumping Fitness embodies everything she values in a great workout: it's fun, full of energy, and exudes dynamism. Her classes are packed with intense routines complemented by timeless dance classics. If you have a preference for music from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, then Regina's class is tailor-made for you!

Marina Taal

Marina's classes are known as some of the best workouts with a smile. When she takes the lead, a sweaty party is guaranteed!

Dutch National Jumping Fitness Master Trainer

Arja Portengen

This is Arja. She took her first class with Karem and immediately became a fan of this unique workout. Her mission is to get you moving with joy, even if you, like herself, face physical challenges. During her classes, you'll primarily hear fantastic house classics and dance hits, and moving just comes naturally!